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LX2  Security Sign Washer

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Points of Advantage.



The polycarbonate washer eliminates the need to use other washers and cup washer presently used. This will reduce the loss of small parts during assembly. Reduce time  required to apply fixing.


Present fixings are often over tightened causing indents in the sign and pole. The polycarbonate washer will flex when tightened eliminating this problem (Unless unreasonably over tightened).


The ridge on the underside of the washer allows the washer to flex and keeps the water off the bolt. Due to the flexibility of the washer, sign movement (from wind) greatly reduces wear around the bolt hole, no ugly repair patch washers.


The nut recess stops the unauthorised removal of the sign as pliers etc. cannot grip the smooth, tapered surface or squash the flexible material.


The perfectly clear material of the polycarbonate washer enhances the appearance of signs. i.e. Sign can be clearly seen through the washer and there are no ugly rust marks bleeding from the fixing (with galvanised or s/s bolts). The product is UV stabilised and won’t go brittle and discolour.

Note: These washers are approved by the W.A. Main roads. They are a patented product.

Which Washer for Which Application?


  1. SW001 (50mm flat)-  For use with an 8mm bolt. Use at the front of a sign to give extra support specially in windy conditions.
  2. SW002 (26mm cone shape)-  For use with an 8mm bolt. (a) Use at the back of the post when fixing a sign with the SW001. (b) Use to fix street signs.
  3. SW003 (26.5mm cup shape)- For use with a 10mm bolt. (a) Use with saddle brackets. (b) Also at the back of a post when using SW004 on the front of the sign.
  4. SW004 (65mm flat)- Foe use with a 10mm bolt. Use at the front of a sig to give extra support and flexibility in high winds. Idea in cyclone prone areas

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