Corporate Profile

Jane Leeming Aza Khan

Alpak Trade Pty Ltd, an Australian-owned company, was formed in 2006 based on 20 years’ combined business experience and connections in China, Pakistan and Australia.

What we know about doing business in Asia can benefit new and established Australia-based businesses who want to bring new products to market and grow their business locally and overseas.

Five Good Reasons to Choose Alpak Trade

1 - Strong Asian Connections
2 - Advanced Technology
3 - Wide Range of Materials
4 - Proven to Deliver
5 - Convenience to You

1 - Strong Asian Connections

Alpak saves you the frustration and heartache from having to deal with the distance, language, and cultural barriers you inevitably face when not familiar with doing business in Asia. Through us, you can still take advantage of what Asia can offer to benefit your bottom-line.

We have:
  • 20 years’ combined business experience in Australia, China and Pakistan
  • long-standing business affiliations built on trustworthiness and reliability
  • access to a huge range of plastic manufacturers and toolmakers

Among other advantages, this translates to savings of 25%-50% on tooling cost, which we pass on to you.

2 - Advanced Technology

Our people can deliver; so can our machines. We guarantee to satisfy most high-volume orders because we have:

  • very high-speed, low energy-consumption plastic injection moulding and die-casting technology from the United States, Japan and South Korea
  • 20 units of advanced PLC control plastic injection moulding machines
  • the use of the latest CNC machine centres from the US and Japan

3 - Wide Range of Materials

The right material provides you with the best cost and product advantage.

  • Choose from PBT, polycarbonate, ABS, acetyl, nylon, glass-reinforced materials and other materials
  • The superior grades we use include NAK-50 and NAK-80 from Japan, 718 from Sweden.

4 - Proven to Deliver

  • We have a proven track record of quick development, implementation and delivery of products
  • We tailor each assembly line to your needs thus inextricably linking our success with our clients’ in long-standing relationships
  • Established Japanese and Pakistani companies that we served as OEM manufacturer include Honda, Suzuki Motor, Yamaha Motor, and ChenDe (part of the Asia Plastics Group), PepsiCo International, Unilever for Walls Ice-cream
  • Patented designs are protected by confidentiality agreements

5 - Convenience to You

We liaise with the appropriate companies to make sure you get exactly what you want for the best price - no hidden costs, no hassles.

  • Since each product we make is designed and implemented for specific clients’, our interests are completely aligned with yours, our clients’.
  • Our 20 years’ engineering experience and vast network of valuable contacts means we are able to improve your products and pricing with little or no effort on your part, especially so when multiple products are created in a single scale-enhanced pool. 
  • Our price to you includes packing, shipping and customs clearance in Australia 
  • To keep your options open, domestic delivery is quoted separately if desired

6 - Confidentiality

We only deal with reputable companies who respect patents and the ownership and exclusive use of moulds. We have long standing relationships with them and are happy to sign confidentiality agreements.

Contact us for a confidential discussion today.