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Product Development | Manufacturing Existing Products | Sourcing Existing products

Perhaps you have

  • designed a new product and are considering what best to do next
  • procured a product already produced elsewhere
  • plans to make a better version what is currently available.

Just provide Alpak Trade with a prototype or engineer's drawings, and we can start making your ideas and dreams a reality!

With serious consideration to confidentiality (we sign an agreement on that), we will be able to design moulds, quote on unit costs, manufacture what you want, as well as package and ship to Australia.

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Product Development

With patented products we want a confidentiality agreement in place to protect our customer and ourselves. After the product is explained I will want to know the target market you are aiming for and projected approximate quantities involved (potential). Any other information such as preferred materials and packaging is helpful. We are interested in a long term supply arrangement, by helping you get your product to market for the best price, we are helping ourselves.

There is often the need to alter the design slightly with original products as they have not been made before. We understand this and will keep these costs to a minimum. The more research you do yourself before going to manufacture the better for all involved. Samples will be supplied all the way along. If the product is complex and requires discussion with the engineers in China you are welcome to accompany us to the factory.

Product Development Showcase

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Manufacturing Existing Products

Sometimes in the course of manufacturing in your business in Australia you are frustrated with a component that doesn’t quite suit your needs and you can’t find it in the market or the component cost is very high. As long as there is good quantity involved we are happy to make it for you whether its plastics or metal, rubber or paper. Even if the product is not patented the moulds will not be used to supply any other market without agreement from you.

Manufacturing Showcase

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Sourcing Existing products

If you know what you want, or you know what you are looking for, but want to widen your options on materials and cost estimates, we can help to investigate where better options are available in Asia, what they are and how to get them.

You may be looking for an existing product to import. With our network of agents in China and the vast number of suppliers in China, we can probably find it for you faster and inexpensively. Remember quantity is very important here. A sample can save a lot of time too

You can easily turn Alpak's knowledge base and Asian connections into YOUR competitive advantage for better quality and value!

Sourcing Showcase

You will never know what is possible until we have a chat, so please don’t hesitate to contact me now.